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- Empower Doctors with "Clinic on the Go" to practice Anytime, Anywhere.

- Enable Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers to optimize time for patient care.

- Enrich Patients’ lives with simple and easy access to Health Information.

Vbond Positioning in the Healthcare IT Eco System

Doctor's Tools
  • Private Clinic Management Tools
  • Diagnosis Assist Tools
  • Patient Information Aggregation Tools
  • Decision Support Systems
Hospital Workflow
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Hospital ERP
Lab Workflow
  • PACS - Picture Archival and Communication Systems
  • RIS - Radiology Information System
  • Lab Management Systems
Vbond Vita
  • Clinic Management System that helps the doctor preserve patient data and medical records; Reduces Paper Usage.
  • Doctors can "Carry their Clinic" Anytime, Anywhere on their Mobile to manage patients, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), e-prescription, Referrals, Appointments & Lab.
Vbond Monitor
  • Helps health care professionals remotely monitor the patient's vital signs, analyze the patient's health round the clock, set and monitor threshold alerts and initiate action proactively.
Vbond Viewer
  • Mobile application that relays the diagnostic lab reports (e.g., MRI, PET, CET Scan, Digital X-ray ,etc) in the accepted standard diagnostic image quality , to the associated doctors having access to Tablets, Smart Phones.

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